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Choosing fencing can be a headache. Let us make it simple

Types of Fencing


Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is among the most popular, and for good reason. It offers long-term durability and low maintenance with a particularly clean look that many love.

We offer Vinyl Fencing in hundreds of styles and variations, with lots of gates and accessories.  Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to accomplish any installation from the simplest to the most complex, all while making your property look more beautiful.


Wood Fence

Wood Fence has a natural looking ascetic that simply can't be duplicated. The look is why so many love wooden fencing, but its also very customizable and comes in many styles. Let Coomb's explain your options and install a fence that you will love.

We offer the highest quality Cedar and Spruce fencing options, manufactured custom for Coomb's right here in South New Jersey. Our attention to detail is unmatched, and at a price that can't be beat, guaranteed.

We also offer Red Cedar Fences for an even more amazing look


Chain link Fence

Chain link fencing is the perfect choice for a combination of hard wearing durability and cost-effectiveness. That's what makes it a great choice for pet-containment, home security, and commercial and industrial applications.

Chain Link is very versatile and relatively easy to fit most applications.

It comes in heights ranging from 3' to 10', in traditional galvanized steel or vinyl coated galvanized in various colors.

Pool Code Mini Mesh is also available - call us to talk about your pool fencing needs.


Aluminum Fence

Many home owners choose the look of exquisite aluminum fencing around pools and highly landscaped areas cor a very classy look.

Our Pool Code aluminum fences are always guaranteed to meet all Federal BOCA Code regulations, to ensure you don’t ever have to worry about failing an inspection or a final C.O. for a new pool.

We offer heights ranging from 3′ all the way to 6′, with standard space or narrow space, and beautifully welded gates from 3′ wide to 5′ wide.

Ready to make your property more beautiful?

Fencing adds not only a physical and visual barrier to a yard, but can enhance it's beauty and even increase the property value significantly.

Contact us to discuss all available options.  We're well known for our excellent customer service.